What Chaps My Ass – Bad Parenting

This subject was something that was brought up on a status message on Facebook. 
Being a parent myself, I can fully understand the situation.
Kids these days get away with too much shit, and its quite pathetic. 
But its not “ALL” the kids fault.  The sole problem, is the parent.  
Most parents these days, are not “corporal” enough.  It all has to do with the
new laws (in most states) that protect children from being publicly spanked,
or being spanked at home.  Kids have gotten away with being able to go to school
and telling their teacher, or someone that they get “beaten” at home.  Even more so
when they are mad at their parents, They know they can pull out the “beaten card”
as a form of retaliation to their parents.  but here is how that situation started…..
Teachers. Yes, you heard it, I said teachers, and school counselors, and principals.
Granted, some kids do get beat, and have every right to want to put their parents away for
child neglect and pain that could lead to mental instability and so forth.  But just because 
kids are getting rudely beaten at home doesn’t mean Every kid who occasionally gets a spanking
because they are being bad  needs to be turned in to child services for investigation.
Parents, listen up. Learn your laws, Read them, understand them.  Get every little detail locked
inside your mind, so you have something to back you up when your child decides to be a snitch
and tell everyone you have been beating them.  Understand them, so you know how to spank their
butt correctly, but not put them through a wall.  you “CAN” spank a child and not leave a bruise. IT IS possible.  A little advice, extension chords, studded belts, rope, twig, and any blunt objects are grounds your child to light your ass right back up with child service.. Please be advised.
Teachers, Get your head out of the clouds and quit thinking there is neglect in every childs home.  Do a little research if you have to before you go calling child services..
Non-Parents/parents who let their kids run over them: who just so happen to be out in public, doing shopping, browsing, walking in the park, or doing what
ever it is that you do…. If you see someone lift their child up and give them a little swat on the ass because their child is acting like a heathen or not doing what they are asked, don’t go getting all up in their face and telling them “that’s not right, you can’t do that”..  or..”that’s child abuse”…. STFU.  Until you grow a set of balls and learn to take care of  your own children,  (or even have children), Don’t tell the rest of us how to raise ours..
90% of the worlds leaders, whether they be, govenors, state senates, prime meridian, or even the president, has had their ass beaten like a little red headed step child, when they were growing up.  Now look where they are… punishments did make some adjustments to their future… right?

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Im just a normal guy.. A Father/Husband and Avid Blogger... Also interested in the Paranormal... More Info about me coming soon...
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One Response to What Chaps My Ass – Bad Parenting

  1. thatmrgguy says:

    Hear hear…I had a step daughter tell me one time she was going to call CPS because I raised my voice at her. I flipped her a quarter and said…call ’em, but have your clothes packed before they get here. She never made that threat to me ever again and it was amazing how fast she jumped when I told her to do something or not to do something. šŸ˜‰

    Me and both my brothers had our share of spankings when we were kids…didn’t hurt us as far as I can tell.

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