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About Nick S

Im just a normal guy.. A Father/Husband and Avid Blogger... Also interested in the Paranormal... More Info about me coming soon...
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  1. thatmrgguy says:

    A lot of things really chap my ass…the fact that a mask of a murderous wench fetches nearly a million bucks chaps my ass. The fact that gas costs almost four bucks a gallon really chaps my ass…I drive on average, eighty miles a day back and forth to work, this week, over a hundred miles round trip, plus busting my ass as a carpenter in ninety degree weather.

    Another thing that chaps my ass is the goings on in Washington with this debt ceiling debacle. We want to cut the spending and reform the entitlements programs. We want Obamacare rescinded, done away with…it’s just a bad dream.

    Mike G.

    • Nik_WCMA says:

      Welcome to WCMA Blog! Ty for your example. I have made you a contributer and feel free to post your example directly to the WCMA Blog as a post. To help spread the word of WCMA, please use Tags, pics (optional), related articles and/or share your work and blog with other social networks, such as Facebook, Google Buzz, & Twitter (if applicable)..

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