Is Humanity a little Screwed up?

I’ve seen people do good deeds before whether it be something small, or life changing. I used to see this all the time when I was growing up, But times have changed. These days, most people have become so self centered, egotistical pricks. NOT ALL!, Just most. If you are reading this post and getting offended, then yes, Maybe this does include you..

As a person who has been working in retail for several years, I’ve noticed a dramatic change in the kind of people that shop in the stores.. Seems like ever since the Economy took a swan dive into the assfault, every single human being has become a jerk.

Example: A major retail store such as Walmart, 9pm, 4 registers open, maybe 2 have a couple customers, at 9:02pm (yes, 2 minutes later), all 4 registers are lined up halfway across the store, full of customers.

Now, Don’t go yelling at the cashiers because of the lines. Its not the cashiers fault that every person in the store decided to check out at the exact same time. Cussing, and shoving your cart to the side and walking out only shows how impatient you are, and also how much of a self centered asshole you have become.

Example2: Retailers used to get emails, calls, letters, and such about an associate who went out of their way to help the customer. Infact, This is one good deed i still see every single day in many places.

BUT!, once again, since the recession started, and the entire world got a major stick up their ass, everyone is so quick to call the cooperate office to complain about someone, and spend half an hour talking to someone to get an employee fired, or punished, yet, they can’t take 5 minutes to make a single call to thank someone. A good deed these days don’t even get recognized.

I think its time for the world to pull the jagged stick out of their ass, gain some respect, learn to smile, learn some patience, and for Petes sake, Shake someones hand every once in a while!



About Nick S

Im just a normal guy.. A Father/Husband and Avid Blogger... Also interested in the Paranormal... More Info about me coming soon...
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