Gas Prices Affect everything we do in life.

Gas prices in late May 2008.

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I Remember When I first started driving at the age of 16, I was living in Towanda, Kansas which is a very small town. Less than a mile from one end to the other. But right in the center of town there was a Texaco Gas Station. At 97 cents a gallon, it was the best place to fill up. The people who worked there were always friendly, and no one was worried about anything to do with the economy being in a crisis, nor saw the upcoming hike in gas prices.

At that time, I had taken a vacation with my parents and we drove to the east coast, on that voyage from Kansas, to New Hampshire, we passed through some cities that had gas over a dollar to 2 dollars. At that time I watched as my

6 Yr Comparison / Gas Prices

6 Yr Comparison / Gas Prices ...Click Image to see Larger Scale

parents cringed at the thought of paying that much for gas, as we kept driving till we found cheaper. 10 years later, Now living in Ohio, I was never to see gas for under a $1 again. in fact, I’m praying to see gas at least drop down to $2. It used to take me 10 bucks to fill up my tank, at 97 cents a gallon. Now, 10 bucks only gets me at the most, a quarter of a tank.

 Now,  the self-proclaimed “Pain at the pump” not only hurts us at the pump, but affects our whole life.  Our life is like a giant Domino set, and the pumps are the first dominos to fall.  When the world is living off of a budget, everything we do when it comes to groceries, bills, medical bills, providing clothes to our families, school supplies for our kids, and much more has to revolve around the prices per gallon, and for families that live in low-income housing and collects food stamps, that is a hard thing to do.  Job and Family Services bases all assisted living facilities and food stamps off of 2 things.  #1,  Your income from your job, #2 how much you spend on home bills, (ie, Electric, Natural Gas, Water & Sewage, Rent).. that’s it.  They don’t take into consideration how much you spend on gas for your car, child support, or anything else. And all consideration is done by the “Gross Amount” you receive on your paycheck no matter how many taxes or deductions you have.  a little corrupt? Perhaps.  But as I stated before, It all starts at the beginning with Gas prices. Oil is the very top of the pyramid.  Its time to stop the off shore drilling and start focusing on the capped off oil reserves that we have right here in the good ol’ USA.  Its been reported that if we tapped our own oil reserves, gas prices would drop tremendously down to about a dollar and will last over 50 years.  I say, if we want to fix the economy, lets focus on our own country, and not others. 



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