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Jessica Siney

Introducing Word Nerd Book Reviews By Jessica Siney.

Jessica Siney is a 28yr old Mother/Wife Living in Newark, Ohio.  Aside from doing the Motherly/wifely duties of being a stay at home mom, Cooking, Cleaning etc., She spends her time reading and reviewing unpublished books before they hit book stores across the world. 

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The books she reviews are from Librarything.com  Below is a list of just a few of the books she has read and reviewed.

  • “House Of Prayer No. 2” By Mark Richard (Buy on Amazon here)
  • “Tangerine” By Wodke Hawkinson (Author Website here)
  • “Velvet Totalitarianism” By Claudia Moscovici
  • “Coffee With Thunderbolts” By Marianne G. Petrino
  • The Body in the Ivy By Katherine Hall Page (buy the book on Amazon here)

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